Natural Hacks For Memory Enhancement

How to Build your Memory Muscles

Mental focus and intelligence have been proved to be the two main ingredients for success. Raw intelligence is hard to improve on, but there are many practical ways to improve mental clarity and focus. Mental focus works just like a muscle. When repeatedly used and stretched the more stamina the muscle develops meaning that it becomes easier to recall things and make decisions.

With the rapid technological development, memory enhancement and development has been relegated to the back bench. No one wants to remember things when they have a smartphone that can help them to organize their life. It is interesting to find someone who has stored a four digit ATM card pin number on their phone. This trend results in early memory loss, poor or low concentration and inability to make critical decisions fast. As I have earlier stated, it is possible to develop your memory focus or clarity muscle. Let us explore several practical strategies you can utilize to become better in clarity and focus.

Healthy Balanced Diet

Mental clarity and focus are determined by the condition of your brain. The brain requires glucose as its fuel that is a sugar and carbohydrates derivative. When the level of glucose decreases, you concentration level goes down and your reflex action including thinking slows down. A practical way to prove this to consume a lot of sugar at once and try to play a game of card decks.
It is imperative to make sure you eat healthy with food to give enough glucose. If you are attending an interview or sitting for an exam or need that extra dose of clarity and focus, make sure you stock on food and drinks rich in sugar and carbohydrates.


A weak and lazy body carries a weak and lazy brain. Exercise increases a body’s metabolism rate thereby improving circulation of much-needed nutrients to all the body cells including the brain cells. All forms of exercise will improve you concentration and clarity level. However, there are some games that not only exercise your body but also demand your attention. These kinds of games include squash, table tennis, lawn tennis, rowing or kayaking. It is important to look for a game whose facility is readily available in your locality and is possible to assimilate it into your day to day activities.

Memory Games

Nothing build ups your memory muscle like memory or recall games. They are also called Mnemonic devices or games. The essence of this kind of games is to establish what amount of details or data can you recall after a brief exposure to it. An example of these kinds of memory games are:
– Memorization of data and then recite it.
– Concentration on a particular point in the midst of other distraction objects or sound.
– Recalling details in their right order or sequence.
These games are designed to improve your ability to concentrate and recall data or details. The more you play the games, the more you build up your memory muscles.


It is almost unbelievable when you watch Animals Got Talent. The amazing things that an animal can do are almost mind boggling. What many people do not know that rewarding is what helps these animals to recall what they have been trained. Rewarding helps them to associate different sounds or gestures to a particular action. This principle is equally practical for any person who is training himself or others in improving their memory ability. Rewarding sends a signal to the brain that getting something right means something good will be given in return. This principle is utilized effectively in the early years of schooling where kindergarten teachers give candies and gifts the students who remember the details of the previous class.

It is possible to build and improve your ability to remember details and have a clear focus on issues. The wisdom is to begin where you are and move forward. And do not give up. Like with our body muscles, you must be consistent in the exercises you adopt and keep on building on them. This means that you do not move back to a simpler exercise as this will cause retardation.