Nootropics and Improved Brain Functions

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are a specialty class of memory and cognitive improving supplements that amazingly enhance concentration and boost overall memory capability. Nootropics are used often times to improve attention spans, as studying aids and help individuals overall ability to focus. Nootropics are also called ‘smart drugs’ due to their ability to increase intelligence, mental energy and motivation. Nootropics are broadly classified as any neuro enhancing drug that has a lower side effects prevalence. Neurons are the basic elements in the brain that help amongst other functions to help in memory and cognition.

Nootropics like smart drugs will not in an instant deliver a genius IQ and better or improved intellect. However, they improve the functions of the brain are enhanced by the release and production of different neurotransmitters.

The brain has a complex network of neurons that are connected by junctions known as synapses. Neurons communicate and function together by chemicals called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters with the ability to send and receive signals more efficiently, improves ones ability to experience improved concentration, mood elevation, better memory, longer attention and increased mental processing ability for better mental work. When certain nootropics are supplemented, synaptic plasticity of of neurons is improved resulting in longer lasting brain health improvement and functioning.

Nootropics also affect vasodilation which allow for increased blood flow to the brain. Improved blood flow result in more oxygen, glucose and nutrients to the brain the primary sources of energy utilized during longer focus periods. Raising the overall flow of blood and subsequently oxygenation will help to increase the capability for memory recall and focus. Nootropics can also present signs of neuroprotection and neuro-preservation. These compounds affect directly the chemistry levels in the brain associated with the slowing down of the aging process.

A recognized benefit of nootropics is the fact that the enhance and increase neuroplasticity. In the nootropic industry, neuroplasticity has become the latest buzzword. This is an mind boggling phenomenon. Your brain has an intricate network of over 86 billion neurons. Unlike other body cells that are circular in shape, neurons are more circular at the core and have different offshoots that extend from the center. These offshoots known as neurites connect to each other neurons and in this way send messages to each other and help us to form our thought processes and patterns. Neurites interface at junctions called synapses with other neurites. It is at these junctions that messages are transported from one cell to another. When neurons release specific neurotransmitters, the neuro-receptors on other neurons synapses are activated in a certain way that will cause a chemical change in the postsynaptic neuron. This basic function repeats itself billions and billions of times in a single day. In this way, reason, movement control, analyzing perceptual data and memory recall takes place. Nootropic improve the speed at which these signals are sent and received and decoded.

Nootropics are very popular with almost anyone who understands how they function and the benefits associated with them. Needless to say, nootropics are very popular with students and company executives whose lifestyle and job description demands for higher levels or concentration and focus. Lumonol is the leading Nootropic available in the market. It is the only nootropic that can conclusively lay claim to the highest level of scientific research and a wide market visibility. A great example of an excellent nootropic is Lumonol.

What is Lumonol?

Lumonol is a 1160mg nootropic formulation that contains 15mg Noopept and other essential proven ingredients that have been proved to positively affect the cognitive performance, reaction time, memory, alertness while warding off any cognitive decline. Lumonol is a benefit of extensive and cutting edge research that Avanse laboratories have designed and created Lumonol a globally recognized nootropic leader of its class. Lumonol is truly a limitless pill that has an amazing effect on a person’s memory and focus. Lumonol is a highly recommended nootropic that has overall benefits.

Nootropics have maximum cumulative benefits when taken over a prolonged period of time. Normally, within the first month to the third month, your brain functions and ability will peak. Nootropics, Lumonol included, have very mild side effects primarily because the ingredients used to develop these supplements are natural and organic. Nootropics are a awesome way to improve your brain abilities and remain at the top of your game.

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